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How the latest Japanese technology harnesses the power of nature to upgrade your wellbeing

Oxygen gives us life. It gives us energy, it fuels our cells, and it provides the basic building blocks that our bodies need to survive. Every day, about 700 billion cells in our bodies wear out and must be replaced. And without oxygen, our bodies cannot build these new cells. While oxygen is generally available in abundance, our modern lifestyles and city living often see oxygen levels depleted. Fortunately, there are tried and tested ways to safely increase the concentration of this life-giving gas in our body, and deepen its reach into our tissues, cells, and peripheral areas, to enhance its healing and energising benefits

Enter: AirPod.

AirPod is a non-medical wellness device, developed and manufactured in Japan, that increases oxygen concentration by up to 50 percent delivered under three pressure settings to provide a gentle, therapeutic and relaxing experience. And while they say pressure makes diamonds, pressure is also the key to unlocking this incredible new wellness device that we call ‘mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy’ or mHBOT.

Under normal conditions, oxygen binds only to haemoglobin in red blood cells and is transported to all organs through the circulatory system. However, in the AirPod’s pressurised environment, oxygen molecules become smaller and are dissolved into the blood plasma more easily, creating a dual carrier system for oxygen and increasing its concentration in our body. Transported in the blood plasma under pressure, oxygen can reach peripheral areas, penetrate injury sites and are vital for energy production and healing.

Benefits of oxygen therapy to the body

Oxygen also supports a wide range of cellular, biochemical, and physiological changes including:

  • Accelerating the healing process
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Fuelling energy production
  • Promoting angiogenesis (blood vessel formation)
  • Alleviating inflammation
  • Boosting antioxidant defence enhancement
  • Stimulate stem cell production
  • Fuelling the cells that make up our body’s defences against viruses

Japanese creators are well known for their ingenious engineering and best in class manufacturing, creating some of the highest quality innovations across various categories from electronics to automotive engines, clocks, video games and more. The AirPod is no exception. The result of years of design and development, this technology has set a new benchmark in the wellness technology space.

Elegant design, optimal results

With a luxe aesthetic in keeping with other innovative wellness technologies, the AirPod offers a highly effective mHBOT therapy coupled with a relaxing and effortless experience.

Zooming in on the aesthetics for a moment, AirPod features a bespoke exterior finish (with over 400 architectural finishes to choose from!), a hard shell pod offering generous space and comfort, as well as dual two-way communication and integrated chromotherapy. The large transparent door keeps claustrophobia to a minimum, and the device is encapsulated in medical grade aluminium.

Beyond its beautiful design and benefits, the AirPod is deeply practical and allows users to either relax in a lying down position (see: Revive Model) or be seated  (see: Propel Model), where users can still use a laptop, read a book or even chat on the phone. Whilst relaxing and disconnecting from devices and outside pressures during an oxygen therapy session is often the order of the day, there is also a place for those using it regularly to opt for a productive session where they continue with work, reading or make progress on a personal project.

Wellness technology to get excited about

Emerging as one of the most exciting wellness therapies on the market, not only for wellbeing and recovery but also longevity, AirPod is being spotted in some of the most sophisticated wellness spaces around the world. From Remedy Place in New York and Los Angeles, to Renaissance in Amsterdam and ReGen Wellness in Melbourne, it’s the one of the most advanced, science–backed wellness modalities around, upgrading the way we approach our health and wellbeing.

"How the latest Japanese technology harnesses the power of nature to upgrade your wellbeing"