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Integrated Practitioners

Over the past decade, wellbeing mindsets have shifted significantly from the reactive patient to a more proactive and engaged consumer. As such, demand for preventive and personalised health and wellness services have increased, and interest in nature and its healing powers have soared.

Expanding the wellness ecology to include healthy lifestyle habits, supplementation, biometric tracking, and science-backed wellness-technologies, consumers are savvier ,and more motivated to take control of their health than ever before.

Integrated practitioners are incorporating wellness technologies, such as the AirPod mHBOT, as an adjunctive therapy in their traditional and complementary wellness programs.

Representing a powerful and effective wellness modality, the AirPod harnesses the healing and energising powers of oxygen, and the preventative benefits of molecular hydrogen, to elevate energy outputs, accelerate recovery and healing and support people to attain their optimum wellness lifestyle.