Wellness Tourism

These days, it’s common to see health, preventative care, self-care, and mindfulness practices infused into our daily lives. And we don’t want to see this stop when people travel for business or pleasure.

To cater for this new kind of holistic travel experience, there is an increasing presence of luxury, high-end hotels and resorts that are transforming the traditional ‘gym and spa’ environments to include science-backed wellness technologies.

Drawing on a range of science backed, innovative therapies, the AirPod mHBOT is designed to enable the body to recover faster, perform better and feel stronger, for longer.

The AirPod is the mHBOT brand of choice for luxe-wellness destinations who are wanting to provide a relaxing and restorative experience for their clients. Integrating beautifully into a luxe-wellness setting, the AirPod is not only designed to offset the effects of jet lag and demands of business and personal travel but will also leave travellers feeling more energised and revitalised than when they arrived.

Be on the cutting edge of helping people accelerate their recovery, support physical and emotional wellbeing, and assist individuals to perform at their best.