The Wellness Industry’s Untapped Market

Rewriting "retirement" as "rewirement” and transforming aging by empowering individuals to embrace every life stage with purpose.

In modern times, the notion of longevity has taken on new dimensions. Our lifestyles and how long we’re living has dramatically shifted compared to the past. For multiple reasons, including advancements in technology and medicine, we’re witnessing longer lifespans, with almost an extra 25 years added to our time on this earth[1]. However, the focus shouldn’t just be on stretching the years we spend here; it should be about redefining how we live those years. How can we use advancements in wellness technology to ensure these additional years are underpinned by energy and liveliness?

At AirPod, we’re passionate about longevity, anti-aging and general health and wellbeing. For the AirPod team, this shift from focusing on lifespan to refocusing on healthspan is reshaping the wellness industry’s perspective and we’re well placed to cater to this evolving demographic - a group who have their own needs and priorities, and who have previously been left on the sidelines, while the industry focuses on the millennials and Gen Zs.

At the Global Wellness Summit, Aradhana Khowala, CEO & Founder, Aptamind Partners, discussed this development, describing it as “the demographic tsunami altering the wellness landscape”[2]. As we live longer, healthier lives, the traditional trajectory of life—educate, work, retire—is no longer sufficient. There's now an additional quarter of life that we need to consider - 'The 4th Quarter’. It's demanding the wellness industry’s attention and is causing a rejig of priorities.

1As a group who is generally more financially secure, the over 50s has come to value travel and wellness as a top priority[3]. They are often less time poor than their younger peers, with a large portion retired or retiring in the near future, and have more disposable income, with children who are likely at the stage of financial independence. This gives them the resources to focus on their wellbeing, with renewed vitality and vigour, exploring new and innovative wellness modalities and seeing how they can improve their quality of life. Rather than a focus on sickness and mortality, this demographic is craving youth and energy and is eager to enjoy their later years of life.

However, despite their economic influence, Baby Boomers can find themselves misrepresented in the media, leading to stereotyping and generalisations - a focus on loneliness, sickness and death, as opposed to vitality, youthfulness and strength, is often evident. However, there is so much more potential of this demographic as valuable contributors to society and as loyal consumers. By addressing this imbalance, we can show consumers that it's no longer about just prolonging life; it's about enhancing its quality—a concept encapsulated in the idea of healthspan.

Apart from improving general health and wellbeing, AirPod’s mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) can help support the body in promoting relaxation, providing nervous system support, improving sleep quality, boosting energy output and strengthening the body’s immunity. In addition, mHBOT also provides vital healing and recovery benefits as it accelerates every healing process in the body, boosts cognitive function and mind clarity, reduces inflammation to accelerate injury recovery, boosts circulation and so much more. In our later years of life, these are incredibly important in enhancing our quality of life and ensuring we are making the most of our time on this earth, at all ages.

The AirPod is a place where health enthusiasts, biohackers and everyday people passionate about health and wellbeing can find the latest health information to support their longevity In this new era of wellness, it's about empowering individuals to rewrite the script of aging, transforming 'retirement' into 'rewirement,' and embracing every stage of life with vigour and purpose.

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"The Wellness Industry’s Untapped Market"