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From wellness and longevity clinics, to gyms and fitness centres, health spas, hotels and home sanctuaries, and even workplaces and wellness real estate, AirPod is delivering game-changing outcomes for health enthusiasts and businesses with a focus on wellbeing.

As seen in luxe wellness spaces across the globe from London, to New York, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Athens, and Melbourne, the AirPod offers tangible health improvements backed by science. 

With the flexibility of two effortless formats (Revive/sitting and Propel/lying) and the ability to adapt to spaces of all kinds, AirPod is leading the wellness experience landscape.

Fitness & Recovery

As attitudes to fitness evolve, we are seeing a rise in recovery tools and wellness facilities designed to provide holistic and long-lasting benefits for health and wellbeing.

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Wellness Tourism

These days, it’s common to see health, preventative care, self fulfillment, and mindfulness practices infused into our daily lives. And we don’t want to see this stop when people travel for business or pleasure.

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Integrated Practitioners Integrated-Practioners

Integrated Practitioners

Over the past decade, wellbeing mindsets have shifted significantly from the reactive patient to a more proactive consumer. As such, demand for preventive and personalised health and wellness services have increased, and interest in nature and its healing powers have soared.

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Wellness Real Estate

We are witnessing an increasing demand for homes that incorporate intentional wellness elements in their design, catering for planetary health (sustainability) and human health (wellness).

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Workplace Wellness Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Wellness is no longer something we need to do on our own or relegate to our nights or weekends. Instead, organisations and businesses are rapidly transforming and integrating the wellness experience into the workplace, as they seek to best support their employee’s holistic health and wellbeing.

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Health & Wellbeing

Right now, we are witnessing a shift towards a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness fuelled by innovation in well-tech that harness nature’s healing powers and supercharges wellbeing.

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